Introducing one of the most comprehensive range of services available to General Aviation in the UK. Engineering, Avionics, Paint & Interiors; All in one place.


Old Buckenham Aero Engineering Centre

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 From today, aircraft owners will be able to find CAA Part

M maintenance, LAA maintenance, avionics repairs and

maintenance, as well as a full paint facility with

interiors specialists all in one place. This has at a stroke

given Old Buckenham a range of services which are

ordinarily reserved for far larger commercial operations

found only at the largest airfields. It also provides GA

in the East of England with a badly needed centre of



The Aero Engineering Centre is made up of three companies: 


The Light Aircraft Company are not only one of the very

few aircraft manufacturers left in the UK, but they also 

provide a full CAA Part M service. The Aero Engineering

Centre is their first satellite operation and means that

aircraft at Old Buckenham can now have the benefit of the

expertise that makes TLAC a leader in General Aviation.

At the Aero Engineering Centre aircraft will be able to

have all manner of work from emergency maintenance to 50

hour checks. As a satellite operation, customers of TLAC

at Old Buckenham will also have the benefit of the

ability for aircraft to undergo more complex jobs at

TLAC’s extraordinary main facility.


Finding an Avionics expert

is difficult, finding a good one however is near

impossible. General Aviation Avionics, led by CAA approved

inspector Tony Walters provides

excellence in avionics maintenance and installation.

Using his extensive career and experience, Tony uses

the latest technology and testing equipment to ensure

that avionics from all eras are accurate and properly

functioning, whilst also being able to install the very

latest technology. 


Good, reliable and professional aircraft painting facilities

are as rare as good avionics people. We’re therefore

delighted to be the home of Wings and Wheels who complete an all encompassing aircraft

service with the paint and interior skill of Paul Munday

and his team. Paul has a long and distinguished career in

paint and interiors for large airliners and the most

exclusive private jets. He’s bringing that experience

into the world of GA with a new company and brand new

facility at Old Buckenham. Wings and Wheels will be able to

offer services ranging from small paint jobs, to complete

resprays and total interior replacement. 

Email for more information.  

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