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Old Buckenham Airfield welcomes visiting aircraft, but we are PPR by telephone or email. Please use the PPR form or give us a call before you set off and check the AIP Airfield Plate for current information on Old Buckenham EGSV.



Runways - Arrivals


From Snetterton join onto a long final for runway 07. Old Buckenham is 065 degrees at 5nm. Take care not to fly over the village of Old Buckenham

Missed Approach

Climb out on runway heading to a distance of 1 1/2 nm then turn LEFT and follow the reverse 25 route to the NORTH of the town of Attleborough. When southwest of Attleborough a turn on base leg can be made.

Runway 07 Grass

Follow the same route


Runway 25 grass

From Snetterton follow the A11 main road routing to the NORTH of the town of Attleborough. When North abeam Attleborough report 'downwind'. The turn onto base leg should be made to leave a 1nm final approach. Do not turn in early. The petrol stations on the A11 should be well inside the circuit. 

Missed Approach

As soon as you can, turn onto a heading of 270 degrees for the climb. When you reach the A11 road follow the 25 route to the North of the town of Attleborough.

Runway 25 Grass

Follow the same route

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0950 G-MFLA or G-MFLE Crowfield
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