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Old Buckenham is at the cutting edge of Electric Flight. 

The UK's first publicly available electric aircraft charger. 

The fourth electric aircraft charger entirely solar powered in the World.

The first UK Aerodrome to add electric aircraft charging to the AIP.

The first UK Aerodrome to publish it's cost per kWh alongside AVGAS.

The first Aerodrome to allow pilots to book charging in the same way they can request AVGAS.

Electric aircraft are commonplace here. We're delighted to be the home of the NUNCATS project, which is building an all electric Zenith Sky Jeep to connect the developing world. 

We're a proud NEBO Air Destination, too. 

In 2022 the Airshow featured a Pipistrel Velis Electro, flown by Alex Reynier. It was the second all electric aircraft display in history (we were beaten by a fortnight) but very much the first ever to be entirely powered by solar energy. 

On the 7th November 2022 we recieved full planning permission for a new scheme which will increase the number of solar chargers at Old Buckenham from one to six. These will not only power electric aircraft; seven EV chargers are part of the scheme and excess power will be used to start us on the road to our next ambitious goal - the World's electrically operated Aerodrome. We aim to have all vehicles, machinery and buildings powered by solar as soon as possible. The existing charger is so powerful that its batteries can recharge a Velis four times over; but when the video below was made the system didn't use the batteries at all - the real time power from the solar panels did it all, preserving 100% of the battery capacity. 

It's all clever stuff and we'll be updating this page as we progress the Future of Flight. The Aerodrome created for the wartime heros of 80 years ago and their iconic B-24 Bombers is now the centre of the next 80 years of flight. 


NUNCATS Zenith CH705 SkyJeep gained worldwide attention early in 2023, with it's maiden flight at Old Buckenham. Described by the pilot, Tim Kingsley, as having lots of torque and eager to fly the aircaft did just that as part of a test programme all of which is taking place at the airfield. 

NUNCATS factory and R&D centre are at Old Buckenham and G-RR is one of two airframes under way with more to follow. 

Keep scrolling down and you'll see the latest news from NUNCATS

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