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Old Buckenham Airfield is private land. Members of the public are permitted to enter various designated areas within the airfield but the right of refusal of admission is reserved. The airfield and its land can be closed to the public at any time, without prior notice and at the exclusive election of the Airfield Owner. Any visitors may be asked to leave at any time for any reason and instructions issue by the Aerodrome Manager or Airfield Owner must be immediately complied with.

The public areas, subject to the above, are to be found in and around the café, Clubhouse building, War Memorial and Museum buildings.

A clearly demarked fence exists running from the East to West of the Aerodrome. This is periodically marked with NO ENTRY and other safety signage. The area beyond the fence and its marked gates is protected by the Air Navigation Order. Entering this area without proper authority is a Criminal Offence and we are obliged to involve the Authorities if it is breached.

Dogs are permitted within the public areas provided that they are:

  1. On a stout lead at all times.

  2. In the presence of their owner to whom the lead is attached at all times.

  3. All mess is cleared and disposed of

  4. The owner holds harmless the airfield for any distress caused to the dog by noise and other factors likely to occur with the intense movement of aircraft.

Whilst on the Airfield’s land, you are present entirely at your own risk. The airfield is an area of intense aerial activity. More than two dozen vehicles including several emergency vehicles are in constant use. Whilst extremely unlikely, emergency situations can occur at any time. Aircraft from all over the UK and Europe operate from here and the airfield is a point of refuge in times of emergency. In all instances and respects you are present entirely at your own risk.

Old Buckenham is not public land, nor a park. Only food a drink purchased from either Jimmy’s Café or Jimmy’s 8-Late may be consumed on the premises.

Members of the Public are notified that High Definition CCTV is in constant operation throughout the airfield. Images and Footage from the CCTV system will be shared with the Authorities at the airfield’s exclusive election and without notice to any other party.


All of the terms and conditions relating to the Public apply to those persons visiting Tenants with premises at the Airfield. For visitors to those tenants within the area known as North Old Buckenham; no public access is available. Visitors must be collected by the Tenant whom they are visiting and must be so accompanied by them throughout the visit. No attempt may be made to access or leave North Old Buckenham without the Tenant present. At all times you are present at your own risk.


The Aerodrome is strictly closed between 2000 (8pm) and 0800 (8am) every day. No aircraft operations are permitted during those times as to do so would breach the extant Planning Permission Conditions and could give rise to Enforcement Action. The Aerodrome Operator will be given no option but to permanently revoke future permission for any pilot and or aircraft to use Old Buckenham in the event that the rules are breached in this regard.


All Pilots booking an arrival from the EU or Channel Islands must fill out a GAR and comply with any rules imposed by Border Force or HM Government as may prevail at the time.

Pilots are requested to share the GAR with the Aerodrome via email: Arrivals from the EU or Channel Islands may only take place between 0900 – 1600 daily.

All Pilots and Passengers must agree in advance to abide by any requests made by Border Force via the Aerodrome Operator.


The only persons permitted to cross the fences (using the pedestrian gates available only) are:

  • Pilots and Crew of aircraft present at the airfield.

  • Passengers of aircraft present at the time, provided that they are under the supervision and in the presence of the Pilot(s) at all times.

  • Authorised Persons holding written permission from the Aerodrome Manager.

Any persons found Airside not falling in the categories above will have broken the law and may be prosecuted.

The Airside areas are covered by High Definition CCTV which is permanently recording; footage can and will be used to assist the prosecution of any person present.

Aircraft are present entirely at the owner’s own risk. No liability for any damage, howsoever caused, will be accepted by the Aerodrome Operator.

All Pilots and their Passengers are similarly present entirely at their own risk. Pilots and Passengers must limit the time that they are airside to that strictly necessary. The Airside areas may not be used for any other purpose than the orderly access and egress from the aircraft to the public areas.


The airfield’s scheme of charges are shown on the Flying In Page.

Please note that we do not accept cheques or cash. We are also unable to accept payment by card made over the telephone.


All aircraft movements must be notified in advance using the online system available at This is critical to flight safety.

For each Landing an ‘Arrival’ must be booked online. Prior to boarding the aircraft whilst at Old Buckenham a Departure, with payment of the Landing Fee(s) must be made. When the Clubhouse Building is closed this may be completed within Jimmy’s 8-Late (the C sign will denote which building is in use.

All Landing Fees are payable on the day of arrival, no later than midnight. They are paid by virtue of detailing the expected departure date and time. If this involves an overnight stay, parking charges can be paid by the same means and the most likely ETD can be stated at the time – an email will give details as to how to change it.

Cameras are in use and capture any movements to and from the runway. In the event that an aircraft uses the runway and no booking or payment is made, the airfield will invoice the registered keeper of the aircraft as identified by the CAA. An administration charge will be payable should this be necessary of £50.



A fully serviceable and certified radio must be used at all times by aircraft operating from Old Buckenham. Where a radio is known or suspected to be defective the aircraft to which it is fitted may not operate here until the issue is rectified. For the avoidance of doubt; this exclusion includes a proposed arrival for the purposes of having a radio rectified; such a flight is NOT permitted.



The content of the AIP is curated by the Aerodrome Manager and continually reviewed. This is the main source of ‘permanent’ information about the airfield and all Pilots are required to be familiar with the contents of the AIP before operating an aircraft to or from  here.

A contemporaneous check of the NOTAM’s using only NATS as a source is a requirement. NOTAMS are the only means by which temporary safety information is promulgated. Applications on ipads or other dev

Grass Closure NOTAMs

Especially in Winter, but at any time at the Aerodrome Managers exclusive election, grass areas may be closed. This is likely to be due to saturation. Any aircraft using the grass when it is closed is certain to leave tracks and other dangerous flaws which will present a threat to safety when the clay soil underneath hardens.

In the event that an aircraft is operated on any grass area denoted as closed by NOTAM, the airfield reserve the right to charge the Pilot in Command. Should information about the Pilot in Command not be available, the registered keeper of the aircraft as held in CAA records will be billed.

Specialist rolling equipment will be required; the cost in terms of hire and labour will be not less than £900 plus VAT.



From July 2020 Parking Area C, North of Runways 07/25 will be open. It may only be used when instructions are given by the Aerodrome to do so.

Pilots and Passengers using Parking Area C must proceed on foot to the Pick Up Point in the NE corner of the Parking Area. No attempt to cross any runway or to exit the area other than via the Pick Up point may be attempted. Transportation from the Pick Up Point to the main airfield complex will be provided free of charge.


Aircraft may, with prior arrangement, be parked overnight. The schedule of charges denotes the fee for doing so.

Aircraft remaining overnight may only park in Parking Area B. Tie downs may be used in this area only with the express consent of the Aerodrome Manager. Underground cabling is present in certain areas. The area to the North of the Windsock must not be used; robotic devices are in use when the Aerodrome is Closed.


Buckenham Radio is manned during the hours detailed in the AIP. At all other times, Blind Calls are to be made.

Please note that, as an Air Ground Service we are not able to issue instructions. We will only pass information relevant at the time, in accordance with CAP 413. In order to assist the Radio Operator, Pilots are asked to make all standard calls, especially in relation to Circuit Positions.

In respect of the radio service, it will for the most part be provided by a Radio Operators’ Certificate of Competence holder, who has had annual refresher training. From time to time, the service may be provided by a prospective ROCC holder, who will be under the supervision of a suitably qualified examiner or certificate holder.

From time to time radio exchanges may be recorded for the purposes of providing either ongoing or initial training to existing or prospective ROCC holders.

No liability is accepted for the information given which is to be treated as indicative only. Weather information is advisory and traffic information limited to the sight of the ROCC holder at the time.


The AIP denotes the times when the Aerodrome will have Special Category RFFS. In certain instances, where an incident has caused the use of considerable resources, such as AFFF solution/ fire extinguishers and or First Aid consumables, the Aerodrome necessarily reserves the right to claim some or all of the costs from the Aircraft Operator or owner, or their insurers.


The Aerodrome has made a considerable investment in Recovery Equipment in recent years.

Most foreseeable issues, ranging from burst tyres to wheels up landings can be immediately addressed using the equipment.

Necessarily, the airfield accepts no liability for loss or damage which occurs as part of Recovery Operations. As Old Buckenham is not only Licensed and therefore a potential refuge for an aircraft in distress AND home to a Flying School, the Aerodrome Operator’s priority will be to make the runways available as soon as is safely possible following an incident. Post Incident procedures, in line with CAA rules will be closely followed. Once authorised to remove a stricken aircraft, the priority will be to do so and inspect all affected areas as quickly as is safely practicable. Whilst every care will be taken not to inflict further damage, such an occurrence cannot be ruled out.

In most instances the recovery of an aircraft will incur expense; the vehicles and equipment required represent a considerable investment as does the training of staff, maintenance and fuelling of the equipment used.  

The airfield reserves the right to pass on the costs of each recovery to the owners and/or insurers of the aircraft. In most instances’ aircraft will be necessarily transported to an external area within the airfield’s boundary which cannot be accessed without crossing runways. Access to the aircraft will then be strictly by arrangement with the Aerodrome Manager. Arrangements for the recovery/ dismantling and other actions required will be made only with the express consent of the Aerodrome Manager. It is likely that persons involved with the removal of a stricken aircraft will require safety briefings prior to accessing the area where the aircraft is placed. Any person attempting to access the area without the consent of the Aerodrome Manager and/or Airfield Owner is liable to prosecution.

Storage charges are in effect whilst the aircraft is at the airfield. They are as per our normal scheme of charges above. We ask that Loss Adjustors and/or Owners contact us within two working days of any incident to make arrangements, agree dates and a strategy for the removal of the aircraft.

In the event that an aircraft is to be sold following an incident, the Aerodrome will charge a fee on each occasion where access for prospective purchasers is involved. No access will be given following a sale unless and until full settlement of all charges is made by way of cleared funds. As stated above, we do not accept cheques.

The airfield reserves the right to increase the charges made should an aircraft remain for more than two weeks and where specific arrangements have not been made with the Aerodrome Operator. Charges will double in such instances every fortnight. In the event that an aircraft remains without arrangement being made for six weeks or more the Airfield reserves the right to distrain upon the aircraft and arrange its sale to the highest bidder.

Please ensure that you avoid the need for any of the above terms by making arrangements with us and keeping us informed.

Under no circumstances will any aircraft which has been incapacitated as the result of an incident be stored in a Hangar or building.





Fuel may only be dispensed by Aerodrome Staff holding valid authorisation from the Aerodrome Manager.

All fuel remains the property of the Aerodrome Operator until paid for in full. No aircraft will be permitted to leave unless and until fuel is paid for.

Payment for fuel may be made using a Credit Card (all types are accepted) at the Bowser. Receipts will be sent via email when requested.

Fuel may only be dispensed directly into the tanks of an aircraft. We are not permitted to dispense into Jerry cans or any other form of portable container. Fuel may not be transferred, stored or dispensed unless by and using the airfields equipment.

Where a customer has purchased a  large quantity of fuel in advance, an account is opened and a real time statement of the balance in litres shared with the account holder. The fuel within that balance may be claimed in ‘normal’ dispenses not exceeding 250 litres in one week and subject to the contents of the Bowser at that time.


Cost sharing flights are not permitted at Old Buckenham and we monitor websites and other portals where such flights are offered. We will refuse airside access to any person who has booked such a flight and reserve the right to refuse the Pilot and/or aircraft use of the Airfield in future.


Threats, abuse or inconsiderate behaviour towards staff and volunteers is unacceptable. At all times, the instructions of staff must be followed. Only personnel authorised by the Aerodrome Manager and forming part of the Staff List within the Aerodrome Manager may issue instructions.

The commentary, content, information and material displayed on our Website, including without limitation that in the Website Interactive Features, is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. To the extent permitted by law, we, other members of our group of companies and third parties connected to us hereby expressly exclude:
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Any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by any user in connection with our Website or in connection with the use, inability to use, or results of the use of our Website, any websites linked to it and any materials posted on it, including, without limitation any liability for:

loss of income or revenue;
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wasted management or office time; and
for any other loss or damage of any kind, however arising and whether caused by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise, even if foreseeable.
This does not affect our liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence, nor our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter, nor any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.
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