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We're proud to be home to Old Buck Aero Club; Flying Made Easy. 

Norfolk's foremost flying school trains the pilots of tomorrow whilst keeping existing aviators in excellent airborne shape. Every year dozens of people take to the sky for the first time in a training flight at the Airshow. More still, every week, do so using the fleet of Cessnas and an awe inspiring Extra 200. 

You have control

Head over to (click below) or call 

+44 1953 773 170 to talk to an instructor and find out how to start or maintain your flying career. 

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Fly a display aircraft

If you’re feeling a little adventurous you can also book a flight in a formidable aerobatic aircraft – an Extra. Extra aircraft are the go to choice for aerobatic displays (you’ll see them during the Airshow afternoons defying the laws of physics). Amazingly you can take your first lesson aboard an Extra 200 and really get the feel for what the Display Pilots are up to.

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